About The Coffee Pro Team!

Who we are

We’re all about keeping you caffeinated. The Coffee Pro is your source for the best selection of pod brewer beverages from local and national coffee roasters. Flavoured coffee, exciting teas and rich, delicious syrups will keep your taste buds happy. Many of the brewers offer organic and eco-friendly roasts. Coffee connoisseurs will find French presses and pour-over products in the shop, and you can pick up a bag or beans or your favourite grounds to truly enjoy a coffee made at home.

Katie Lunn - Owner of Coffee Pro

Meet Katie Lunn!
Owner of The Coffee Pro

Katie is a young entrepreneur who recently graduated from NSCC with a Business Administration Diploma. Katie has always know she wanted to own a business from a very young age, as she has helped with her families businesses over the years. So when the opportunity for Katie to leap into the coffee world, she knew it was meant to be!

In Katie’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, and her animals! Katie is an avid animal lover, with 3 animals herself. You can often find Katie at the barn with her horse Sydney, riding and competing in horse shows. When Katie isn’t at the barn she is home with her dog Holly-Molly, and her cat, Milo.

The Fabulous Joanne!

Joanne is of Acadian (LeBlanc) decent originally from Yarmouth County. She now resides in Bedford.

 After a worklife /career of more than 36 years, she has decided to slow things down and absolutely enjoys her part time position and the friendly interactions with the many patrons who come in to Coffee Pro Bedford.
She is also an artist and now has more time to paint and sell her art. ( Karl Penton Gallery, Sunnyside Mall) It is her passion!

Jenna Mcinnis

After graduating from Mount Allison University in 2011, Jenna moved back to her home province of Nova Scotia settling in Halifax where she has been ever since. As an avid coffee drinker Jenna has enjoyed learning new things about the various types of coffee and getting to know what customers like.
In her spare time she enjoys reading, embroidery, and spending time with her cats, Alice and Milo.