New Ownership- Halifax Location!

Katie Lunn, has done it again!

I’m so excited to announce that the Halifax, Scotia Square Location is now under new ownership! Mine- Katie Lunn! I’m the owner of Coffee Pro Bedford location, and couldn’t be prouder to now have the Halifax location!

Both stores will now be run under one company. We’re starting with new hours in Scotia Square, 9-5 Monday – Friday, to help serve you better!

If you can’t make it in during those hours- not to fret! We’re set up OnLine! Simply order your products using our secure online site, and we’ll prep, package, and have your order ready for you!

I’m looking forward to meeting all of our Scotia Square customers. If you’re a fan of Coffee Pro please drop down and say hello and have a look at our new assortment of products, flavours, and accessories. Slowly starting to bring in new items and fresh stock.