Pumpkin Coffee Season- It’s finally here at Coffee Pro Bedford!

We’ve got the best pumpkin spice stock in the store here in Bedford

Pumpkin spice stock

Have you been waiting for your Pumpkin Spice Latte all season? Well here it is, our amazing pumpkin spice items have arrived and we’re ready for you!

This year we’ve added some fresh and popular items for you to try. Enjoy new Apple Cider flavors, decaf and regular vanilla pumpkin coffee, and new (to us) delicious, sweet syrups! And even more Fall flavors like maple, caramel and cinnamon!

Make your way down to the store, give us a call 902-832-9722, or place an order using our OnLine store to get your pumpkin coffee, for those Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at home! 

Want pumpkin coffee at home? Coffee Pro Bedford is all stocked up with your favourite fall coffee K-cups. Flavours like, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Caramel. 

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