Wild Blueberry Jam 250ml

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Millions of pounds of wild blueberries are harvested from the fields of Nova Scotia. Ideally, they would all make their way into one of our bottles of wild blueberry jam. Alas, We've done our best!

  • Make some homemade pop tarts and use this as a filling.
  • Step 1. Go make yourself a cheese cake. Step 2. Slather top with wild blueberry jam.
  • Goes without saying... toast, bagels and English muffins.
  • Flavour your favourite frosting with a little wild blueberry greatness.
  • Eat at home, the cottage or the car. Whatever suits you.
  • Glaze chicken, ham or even ribs.

Musical Pairing

Best enjoyed while listening to Blue Rodeo: 5 Days In May