Martinson's Pumpkin Spice 24ct.

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A delicious caffeinated treat for pumpkin spice lovers. Stimulate your senses with an incredible blend of pumpkin and spice with each flavorful cup. The best thing to get you up in the morning is knowing that there's a terrific coffee waiting for you. Martinson Pumpkin Spice is made using light roasted 100% Arabica beans. A light roast allows for the true pumpkin spice flavour to come through in every cup you brew. Martinson Pumpkin Spice is made using a Real Cup Flavour Max Filter. This means that a cotton filter has been put into the k-cup, rather than the popular paper filter. This cotton filter allows for all of the natural flavours and oils from the beans to flow right into your mug. Exactly where they should be. Make sure you look for the Real Cup logo when buying your k-cups to make sure you're getting a flavourful coffee